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seems to be a gap Venerable fine oblique eyes squint After glancing, is turned away,Coach Outlet Store, as if the Wo see general.
one qingpao wind Venerable always wearing face JL Xu some genial smile, polite mine for His Holiness and His Holiness also respond to the sword, and as for the side of the Death of His Holiness, he is not much to see, although the Quartet Court, there is always fear another check, but for this wife Springs Holiness, His Holiness the wind and its is quite, but the other things that shadow and unscrupulous character, but also he did not hi.
few people each polite about it, it looked a mine Venerable sky, then slowly stood up,Coach Handbags Outlet, his eyes swept around the square, suddenly, it rose into the sky like a hubbub, it contains is at its Xu Lei Mans under the eyes of some,Coach Factory Outlet, became silent again.
‘Today is a good day for me Quartet Court thunder Court held Congress,Coach Outlet, thank you to Ray Hill House join my thunder, but I thunder Court rules, surely we all know, that the General Assembly held in between, what things do not appear to bother General Meeting. ‘Ray Venerable faint sound, like thunder,Coach Outlet, rang throughout the Thunder Mountain, and its voice, contains some promise Mines, some strength a little weak, the body appeared almost involuntarily trembling slightly.
Ray Venerable then filled with an overbearing meaning, it is like that of thunder, staunch and not people argue, though perhaps not quite such a thing people liking, but under the strength of his terror, the audience but no one dares to speak out against it, fighting terror as respect for the strong deterrent effect, really unusually.
audience did not see any objection appears Venerable Ray had just nodded, waved palm,Coach Outlet Store Online, a crisp bell chirping, is once again swingingResounded through the sky.
this term Quartet Court Conference

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He found that three of the strength of the mysterious man in black, actually no better than old bone is weak Mu. Four bucket respect, this and other lineup, even some top-class forces in the Central Plains are never met, but this soul of the house, but it is easy to come up with, this moment,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan had in mind, the soul of the house that terrible degree, once again elevate to a higher level. ‘Space Yu-Jane … this soul of the house, for three thousand Yan soot fire, it really is ready to getWhen fully ah. Eyes looked gloomy hills that line the space of three silhouette cracks, teeth Road.
Xiao Yan eyes blinked,Coach Outlet Store, the so-called space Yu Chien, presumably should crush old bone is previously Mu things, but now he did not want to note down these scenes now,Coach Factory Outlet, Mu bone old party suddenly appeared so powerful helping hand , facing four bucket strong respect, I am afraid even three thousand Yan Yan fire, are somewhat difficult to resist. Although this three thousand Yan
flames can compete with the Big Three Danta so many years, but it does not represent a real and has the ability to fight with the strength of the Big Three, the Big Three after all always wanted to seal it while the seal and kill, is two yards thing. Although Yan
thousand flames called the fire die,Coach Outlet Online, but wanted to pack it Danta Big Three,Coach Outlet, and it is not no way, but they do not want to come true that – one step only, each different fire, for refining pharmacists, but it is extremely rare thing, and these different fire, tens of thousands of years of experience just forming,Coach Outlet Store, if arbitrarily destroyed, then it too throwaway.
course, Danta Big Three would rather spend great efforts to build such a star field to seal three thousand Yan Yan fire will not destroy it, can be soul of the house, is not it a good phase and

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Yan did not answer, but is Qinghai smile,Coach Outlet, shook his head,Coach Outlet Store, and some lazy way : ‘The guy released Come on,Coach Outlet Store, you have to go with the deity soul of the house to go visit it & quot;.’
Qinghai hear the remark, Skyfire Venerable sank his face, physique act Gang Yu, the day before the child is to go hand in hand like frost will follow the lives of tightly involved.
‘Go away!’ Skyfire Venerable looking gloomy, cold shouted.
‘Oh, if you have that ability, I’d not mind & quot;.’ day cream child faint smile, and then facing the Qinghai said: ‘Venerable Qinghai, Xiao Yan, who is also the party, but to the old lady would Well, you can catch that kid will feel at ease. ‘
Qinghai cloudy eyes in Skyfire Venerable who sweep the sweep, but also in the eyes of the passing touch of surprise immediately nodded, smiled and said: ‘So that there will be labor, and so will be captured Xiao Yan, the deity will come to help you Yili . ‘
day cream child smiling nod, looking across his face more and more gloomy days of the fire Venerable eyes flit also promised some awe-inspiring smile.
Qinghai eyes Venerable body recover from the day of the fire,Coach Outlet Store, then turned to face the cold Xiao Yan, smiled, and then gently depress the foot void, and its space in front is quickly twisted up & quot.;
see Qinghai move, Xiao Yan face is slightly changed, stature Putui,coach purses outlet, and in stature between Baotui, its eyes flashing also played a crazy color! Xiao Yan stature just retire, it is a while before space distorted, immediately Qinghai Venerable stature emerged out of dry palm facing one catch, Xiao Yan in deep space instantly solidified,Coach Outlet Store, is to directly set at the sky. For
solidified space, if the state can naturally Xiao Yan heyday break, but now, after applying the lip of the days of the fire Sanxuan change,

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these words, Xiao Yan heart is fretting, five from the fire law but to order advanced fighting skills, the power of natural Needless to say, but it is quite cumbersome manipulation,Coach Factory Outlet, Hsiao-yen’s strength before, only Kankan gather the spiritual fire wolf impossible composition formation, I do not know now fighting to break through to the cases they are able to gather a few fire spirit – if able to cobble together a five-count, then, can this just five rounds from the fire power of the law The real show out.
course, Xiao Yan heart is also clear that only five little while – spirit among the condensate is made with four different fire,Coach Outlet Online, and that the final composition of the five rounds from the fire front, just five rounds from the fire can this power law show to the peak point, but that step is to wait until maybe three thousand Xiao Yan Yan Yan will get their hands after the fire,Coach Outlet, just be able to reach. ‘
‘Please be assured Mr. Yao, five from the fire method, but your old housekeeping skills,Coach Outlet, kid nature is not easily left behind.’
think that the peak power point when, Xiao Yan heart also help some hot, in the hearts of low chuckle.
‘the old lady did not bang you, in the past, I have five rounds from the fire can be considered a reputed French mainland, but unfortunately, today’s grudge continent, does not seem to know the name of the first lady.’ ‘Skyfire Venerable tone also has a faint points of pride, then he is clearly in this grudge mainland,Cheap Coach, is also a prominent figure.
Xiao Yan smiled, fighting to become strong respect, which is not a prominent figure, so the day of the fire Venerable this – if he’d no doubt.
mind after talking for a while with Skyfire Venerable post,cheap coach bags, Xiao Yan is jump from above the couch, got about himself, and then facing the outside of the room

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forces locked in, and then give all the huff kill, but the main door is a door Acacia Doo were strong, although finally buried born in a small medical cents sister hands, but she also suffered some injuries,Coach Outlet Online, just cause seal loose, woe poison body broke out, and then, & quot; it was discovered, & quot; ‘
‘Dan domain, woe is synonymous with disaster poison the body, because in the past there have been woe to poison the body caused by the outbreak of a disaster … So this time woe poison the body just transferred out, is attracting a large number of forces in the siege, Among glacier valley height, but they are in order, but didWoe is not something you want to poison the body to destroy, but to want to get their hands on this particular constitution,Cheap Coach Purses, because this glacial valley, the most favorite thing to do, is to collect all kinds of peculiar constitution, then in a special method, the valley of the strong soul body was transferred to the constitution in this way,Coach Outlet Online, that is, the ability to be able to get some of this constitution & quot;. ‘ Hin Blue
hear the words, Xiao Yan’s face is more gloomy, the glacier valley, it really is not a good thing.
‘hiding place some time ago, a small medical cents glacial valley is found, then the strong and played against each other, suffered light injuries & quot;. Xiao Yan brother, & quot; Hin Blue useless,Coach Outlet Store, it will not help busy . ‘Speaking here, Hin Blue eyes is red again, for her own weakness, it is always felt remorse.
Xiao Yan took a deep breath, immediately waved,Coach Outlet, said: ‘None of your business, & quot; you should know where a small medical cents right now?’
‘ah, I received a small medical cents sister’s news to me,Coach Outlet Store Online, but now there, but almost exhaustively glacial valley surrounded by strong, I did not

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And he also wanted to see who was the Soviet Union thousands sorts of praise of the best students in the original ‘what will be how to deal with this and other dilemma.
‘Xiao Yan ‘I have put down the words’ thing today ‘and no one can replace you’ is the war is back, give me answer 丆 case it ” ancient demon staring Xiao Yan ‘indifferent voice’ sound at this venue Toru forward. ‘| Small〗’ | Small〗 ‘| Small〗’ | said〗 ‘| net〗’ | First〗 ‘| more〗
‘call …… Factory
at that numerous road gaze ‘Weibi eyes of Xiao Yan’ slowly opened his eyes, then slowly got ‘smiled softly: ‘Since ancient demon all systems aggressive’ then this test of ‘generation Xiao Xiao Yan Family ‘took over’ ‘
this war ‘when one enters from the ancient community, Xiao Yan is clear ‘has been inevitable’ Given inevitable ‘that will fight!
into the war ‘back then shame! Today
Xiao Yan ‘can fight’ can not be humiliated!
Even his opponents’ is the ancient family of extremely talented!
(second more to !!! 1309th chapter rival!
‘Xiao Yan ……’
small medical cents Weicu Dai Mei,Coach Outlet Online, she is able to perceive the ancient demon of terror, although for Xiao Yan has been quite confident, but she is aware that this ancient demon is definitely a rival Xiao Yan.
‘Some things can not retreat …… Xiao Yan smiled at her,Then looking at the side white teeth biting migraine lips,Coach Outlet Store Online, cheeks slightly yellow Chill children,Coach Outlet, smiled and said: ‘Nothing in this fight, even if he does not take the initiative to provoke … I have to come forward,Coach Outlet Store Online, the ancient warrior tribe, the only There is so,Coach Handbags Outlet, it would only be able to block some of the people’s mouth. ‘
yellow children nodded,Coach Factory Outlet, but look to the ancient demon’s eye, but it is more and more cold, Xiao Yan for her the past few days in the ancient family suffered a lot of ridicule

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a move , is gathering together.
‘Come on, that we sent out to perform the task, and hope that this time can be enough to bring back the soul.’ In these people, a seemingly chieftains Banzhou silhouette, hoarseness Road.
‘Jie Jie, Liu odd some time ago that the group attacked’ Tianfu ‘in several cities, not only brought enough soul, but also by the Senior adults rewarded’ This time, we went to several Tianfu bloodbath The city now, ‘one of them laughed gloomy.
‘ah,Tiffany And Co Outlet, I remember, to not leave any time to live.’ It is also a leading figure of awe-inspiring smile, nodded slowly waved palm, a dozen shadows is turned into a mass of black fog, lightning against this piece outside space storms swept away.
However, in this group is about to run into space barrier blanket of darkness,Tiffany & Co Outlet, they in deep space, suddenly solidified immediately collapse fiercely down, a dozen shadows even screams are not issued, is to be terrible Force space squeeze into nothingness.
when these shadows into annihilation, that space barrier slowly cracked a hole in the road, a few figure,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, which is sailed walked,Tiffany Outlet, then stepped foot on that dark land.
‘Woo!’ Xiao Yan
group of people just walked into the space barrier, that giant among the temple, that is,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, came the shrill voice of Ming Ming, immediately within those chains above the blanket of darkness, suddenly look gloomy projection out of a road, watching Xiao go far.
‘dare break my soul temple land, killed!’
a road filled with eerie sound of Li He, in this Yisha suddenly broke the silence of this space, stood up from the top of the chain of many shadows,Tiffany Outlet, nor any pending orders, is directly into the Black Mountain, with winds from the dark , overwhelming storm swept toward Hsiao go far away.
‘cannon fodder group, but added mischievously

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turned out to be such a reason.’ Xiao Yan suddenly my heart somewhat ‘immediately Antan, is indeed the holy generation fighting strong,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, was able to create Chuzhe Deng singularity of the law, within the human body meridians of thousands, some secret, in turn, is endless, which you want to open up the meridians useful, it is not a simple matter.
‘I do not know if Jay, can I display this great day of good fortune palm?, Xiao Yan
between the eyes with a faint touch of hot beats, original in that ancient ruins,Tiffany & Co Outlet, which beat the power, but he personally was to see the presence of many strong, are killed in under this beat, even if the last not if they run fast, and probably unpredictable consequences.
during the day,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan is the heart of that great day of good fortune palm very coveted, and now have the opportunity to practice the hand ‘s head how can cents calm down?
rub the hands together, Xiao Yan jump from the top of the couch, the body stand straight into the room, took a deep breath, and then the body of a grudge, that memory minds along the meridian line, began running slowly up.
Initially, vindictive operation was quite slow, but that route is quite cumbersome, more out of a few errors during the quick response but Xiao Yan, a route error was found, is immediately dispersed vindictive, this has not caused What damage.
but experienced several failed, Xiao Yan is gradually conversational up,Tiffany & Co Outlet, about an hour later, and finally the successful completion of a meridian circle.
And in that operation completedSharp, Xiao Yan Yi Chan Meng arm, above the right palm, dark golden light suddenly Dasheng up, soon he is shocked to find the body of a grudge, being as the tide of time,Tiffany Outlet, and that the passage, a positive is above its palm!
‘vindictive consumption terror,Tiffany & Co Outlet!’
perceived grudge

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this General Assembly, the gathering look excellent refining pharmacists from across the continent, who can come to the fore here,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, inevitably ability, and as long as These refining pharmacists recruited into the arm, for a force is undoubtedly would appear immediately lent strength rapid expansion
these various,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, and Dan are all factors contributing to the sudden increase in the flow field, and over time, this vast endless fields Dan, I am afraid will be more and more of the admiring crowd filled And when Dan domain
flow of people started to surge, and that the assessment of the time away from the family of five, is getting closer deep
leaves home, a place outside the alchemy room, all the leaves everyone is respectful of the family station in here, in the lead at the precisely leaf weight, Hin Blue, as well as several parents of older leaves.
Today is the distance left for the last day of the holy city of Dan, and Xiao Yan is also the time to retreat out ‘
twenty days since, Xiao Yan alchemy room had never taken a half step, within the context of the kind of fiery alchemy chamber, even some herbs into the delivery person leaves the family is too afraid to stay, often After softly down the herbs,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, is quietly rushed to make way
in twenty days time, over the backyard leaves,Tiffany Outlet, often with dark clouds gathering, and even has several times been the Thunder in which cohesion, but just when it was about to land and the next, but is suddenly dissipated and go ‘
change this planetarium, leaf weight naturally attracted the attention of others, the moment the hearts are all a little shocked,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, they clearly feel 丹雷 about to fall in a few times, the inner alchemy that closed room,Tiffany Outlet, the outgoing extremely surging energy fluctuations, this level of energy fluctuations, with some conditions

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official imperial struggle Jin into Samsung’s level, it touches so Xiao Yan was extremely excited, this April hurry and camped in the mountains of life, for him, very much indeed benefit. In so camped
lasted nearly five months when the endless mountains, and finally disappeared from sight at the end away, a piece of black paint spread to the Great Plains at the end of the line of sight,Coach Factory Outlet, like a piece around the ground like a big shady, appeared in Xiao Yan trio of field of vision,Coach Factory Outlet,
looked vaguely familiar but huge black plain, Xiao Yan stature trio finally skimming down suddenly Dayton, the former face of relief over the emergence of a touch of joy, finally could not resist the sky and a laugh, laugh sound like rolling thunder-like, with its center, facing all directions spread. ‘Noire domain, Canaan Institute, Xiao Yan again!’
looked visibly pleased Xiao Yan, a small medical cents also smiled, looking into the distance that huge black plain, whispered softly: ‘This is the black angular domain it?’ Lu Yu eight hundred and sixteenth chapter
black fields of the Great Plains,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan has been here several paths, nature is quite willing cooked, and when it reaches the plains,Coach Outlet Store, he is also a heavy sigh of relief, as long as it passes through the plains, it is able to enter the domain Noire within.
destination increasingly close, Xiao Yan touches slightly relaxed, greeted with a small medical cents both fell to earth, in the rest of the approximately twenty-three hours later, just get up again,coach bags outlet sale, took the lead against the black region of the Great Plains flyby away to him nowStrength, nature is so unnecessary again like the first time, on foot across, so quite a long time not only time consuming, but if it met the black storm,Coach Outlet Store Online, I am afraid it is unusually trouble.
such a rate

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included, Xiao Xuan’s Tomb ‘ Xiao Yan micro
heart jump, I did not expect this so-called day Tomb ‘actually has something to do with the relationship between his ancestors, his trip to the ancient community,Cheap Coach, one purpose,cheap coach bags, and that is to go to the tomb of the ancestors of the trip, in There’s probably what he was able to get some.
‘day very mysterious tomb,Coach Outlet Store Online, which has a large number of ancient energy of the strong imprint, imprint and these changes through the years, but is of the order of their appearance in front of, as long as they beat, that is able to achieve energy imprint, and will . The absorption, and thus enhance the strength of the ‘fire-hyun laughed: ‘You know, these energyBut the extraordinary mind, they are equivalent to true
are higher order immortality, ‘but also can continue to swallow too much and does not reduce the effectiveness of that kind. ‘
‘Of course, the most important thing’ is the day among the tombs time goes by more slowly than the outside ‘Looking back,Coach Outlet Online, the day the tomb of five days, only the equivalent of a day outside …… ‘
‘What? ‘
hear the remark, Xiao Yan is anyone around, could not help but shocked all up, this world actually have this and other magical place? Inside five days, outside one day, so it not say in there for a month, only 26 out? For a year, only two months? If that happens, if there who practice a hundred years’ time out,Coach Outlet Store Online, not directly change the extremely strong? This extra time has a son,Coach Outlet, then a stupid moron are able to achieve a lot of money achievements.
‘Oh, the days of the tomb of the already magical, but also has a limit,’ This thing turned two years, every time once inside, at most three years, which is equivalent to the outside world for six months, ‘fire-hyun laughed: ‘ Of course, to have qualified people

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most profound meaning Mulan Valley exercises, ah.’ hidden in the darkness of Xiao Yan looked tent trio appearance,Coach Outlet Online, could not help but flash touch the hearts of surprised, to determine the three wild beast also saw many more,Coach Outlet Store, if the inflammation has a strong alliance attend this door power law, and that the strength of growth, not a star the slightest ah …
gently breath, Xiao Yan gradually pour fixed mind, the body is also quietly running grudge – tents of healing, which lasted approximately ten minutes just gradually stopped, but also three eyes slowly opened.
‘how?’ looked at the road bloody tiger Elders energy into the body, and the remaining two, light relief, asked.
‘regained some, but the injury is not a light, you want to heal, I am afraid that people will have to wait six items immortality sent the rocket Valley, just have to be raised …’ Steller Elders frowning Road.
‘kid actually thought of that means there is a case, really underestimate him.’ Mulan an elder frowned.
‘The only disadvantage of it in surprise,Coach Factory Outlet, and he cast the geese off the day the fire lotus,cheap coach bags, should also have a great consumption,Coach Outlet Store Online, in a short time, can not be restored.’ Steller Elders eyes flashed a pernicious color,Coach Outlet, said, ‘such as the arrival of the powerful elite valley, to the time before the joint Jinyan Zong, even if no longer involved in drug cases, certainly not to the bloody killing inflammation League!’
also two other elders nodded sullenly, the joint offensive Gama empire, if failed, after which the Northwest, as well as what they face based Mulan Valley? Even after the doors were to attend the General Assembly, will certainly be a lot of sarcasm.
just nod in two of Sharp, sudden whining sound of a sharp, shrill resounded throughout the camp into the sky.
hear the sound of

cheap coach bags 3zY2 2015327

do not know what the time was.’
Xiao Yan sigh a sigh, this time, is imminent, there is no room to relax, a grudge since the magic spot poison has been completely within the refinery. Then it can only own affluence, ah
mind flashed thought this way,cheap coach bags, Xiao Yan waved palm, Zhu Zhu was crimson color of herbs, is the self-satisfied flashed out of the ring,Cheap Coach, and then suspended in mid-air room, these herbs are all part of the fire property, within which naturally contains a lot of money in the fire properties of energy
looked at these herbs,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan mouth a spit, a green flame is the storm surge out of the package and into these herbs.
bang! Bang!
wrapped in flames, these herbs have burst open, a Unit of forceful energy filled out the fire properties, immediately filling the inside of this room.
Normally, this energy within medicine. And can not be directly absorbed, and so the use of energy within medicine,Coach Outlet Store Online, there is indeed some heavenly treasure too violent,Coach Outlet Store Online, but at the moment, Xiao Yan, but did not have much time will they be refined into immortality to use, waste on waste it, anyway, what to do, is to use enough energy so that was an immediate success breakthrough to four weeksDoo cases!
feeling surging filling up the energy in the room, Xiao Yan This nodded with satisfaction, once again turn a blind eye, with these energy support, should be able to successfully arrive is a four-star cases. Xiao Yan
efforts to enhance the strength of his own time, thousands of miles on it from the outside Yecheng sky. Ten shadows, but it is with a burst of Xingfeng, like from the sky, such as wind flew over
look too close to the line of sight, and had just discovered that some of these huge shadow, is actually a head body has four wings, there is a sharp-horned head of the four-winged unicorn,Coach Outlet,

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the preservation of his own home with the best means He, on the contrary, if the guess each other’s identity, but also showed a last-ditch, I am afraid he is very clearly knows fate, Xiao Yan can What is not unusual brat their means of ruthless enemy, did not sub some crafty people.
He moves so the Lord every family, but also for the surrounding He was not the slightest guard house move, they are not fools, for ‘inflammation League’ is in the nascent empire monster, they also have heard in the past In the face of these mercenary groups, they can aid their own identity as a guard house He swagger about it, but the identity of the ‘Yan League’ in the eyes, but it is as if they hertz gap between home and mercenary group general , is so difficult to cross.
‘He really is that he actually beat Yunshan inflammation League chief, Xiao-yan?’ Ling child. Card Gang, who looked shocked look no wind automatic black robe robes young mind is like a sea turned up, although they have been holding for the most intensive Xiao Yan guess, but it still did not thought, that he is now the Empire Gama prominent among freshmen overlord,Coach Outlet Store, inflammation alliance Lord!
Of course,Coach Outlet Store, strictly speaking, this is not without thought,Coach Outlet, but did not dare to think, because the Lord gave numerous inflammatory Union Empire Gama who left the impression that it is too mysterious and powerful,Coach Factory Outlet, in some people’s minds are to it as an act of faith to worship, this kind of thing,Coach Outlet, in which the strong respect of the world, and not surprising, did not, Xiao Yan was a break by the old rules, he broke in the cloud – lan Gama Empire countless hearts can not shake the position, therefore,Coach Outlet Store, is an exception lofty natural position, and even even know the name of Xiao Yan Yan Union and the same Lord, but still can not think of this

Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online 5vS4 2015327

over ten several times. He
Lord every family looking volatile, after a moment, sensing the TV drama increasingly forceful momentum of oppression, the whole body of a shiver,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, quickly dispersed all protective,Tiffany & Co Outlet, bend Gong Sheng said: ‘I do not know Xiao chief for coming, if the previous offended, please do not Xiao chief and a large number of adults want to care about. this all listen to the wishes of the main door Xiao, He would certainly listen to at home! ‘
from the previous cold now so groveling, changing between the two is almost something between a short moment, the training ground all bloody mercenary group members as well as those Hyuk home guard are slightly open mouth look the bend showing everyone a slave master with the Hittites, this sudden change, so that was a little bit back to them not inside out.
for those around the eyes, and He is the Lord every family did not care, he bowed his head micro, not far from looking feet,Tiffany Outlet Online, but it is constantly cold sweat drip from his forehead fall down, as have some prestige within the Empire status, he for that cloud-lanShaking battle occurred over the common people knew more clearly, therefore, he is also aware, in front of this young black robes what exactly has a terrible strength.
he did not think he even display their best, is that it can not even fight from the other bands were all defeated inflammation Union Yunshan Lord’s hands Bansi opportunity to escape, but he was not a single person,Tiffany And Co Outlet, Well big house He needs his guardian, He homes in the Northeast region,Tiffany Outlet, although slightly thinner name, you can put ‘Yan Union’ this and other monster in the eyes, but did nothing, if they really want Xiao Yan He disappeared in the home Gama empire, also just saying things only.
therefore. Things to this point,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, groveling, in fact,

Tiffany Outlet Online 9zZ6 2015327

this bother him, quite envious glance into the churning liquid drug tripod,Tiffany Outlet Online, just smacked his lips, the stature of a move ‘swept out of the scope of the stone is located.
Su to 1000 people came out to see the purple research, but also a little relieved, they naturally
see, earlier this girl, for Ling Xiao Yan a lot.
‘Now the issue has been resolved,Tiffany Outlet, presumably the next refining, just a matter of time,Tiffany Outlet, right? Oh, if this kid really is a one-time seven items refining immortality, it is really some incredible ah, As far as I know,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, even some of the seven refining pharmacist, tooth – seven items at hand refining immortality, also has a low failure rate does not, ah, ‘Su thousand stroking his beard, his face looking at the stone table once again become thickened. Xiao Yan up, ‘laughs
Road,Tiffany Outlet.
hear thousands Su said,Tiffany & Co Outlet, many elders around is deeply felt smiled and nodded his head, seven items of immortality, for them, is one of those almost legendary level, they are this generation, not to mention taking, even if the number of witnessed, is also one, after all, among the black angular domain, the ability to refining refining pharmacists seven items immortality, but has not been seen for many years, even in the Han Feng told also never had a successful seven items refining immortality …
whom the crowd is loose gas when Xiao Yan mind is re-unite within the drug tripod, exhaustively soul into force, which will heat and flame Bo Sharp fused to produce a variety of liquid various reactions, all income minds. within
drug tripod, wrapped in a cloud of green liquid flame approximately half the size of a fist, this group a little bit of liquid color gorgeous, but overall, still accounts for much of the bright red color, but being in that bright red, like is there several color and energy